Skin Seeds | Are You Ready To Harvest Glowing Skin?

It’s HARVEST TIME! Introducing Skin Seeds a holistic natural skincare line that is mindfully made to improve the health of your skin.

I have been obsessed with skin care since I was a young girl, but my introduction into skincare was not a pleasurable one.

I was constantly teased and bullied by classmates and family members because of my complexion. That caused me to seek out ways to rub off the “darkness”, every night after completing my homework I would frantically scrub my skin in hopes to reveal a lighter skin tone. This obsession resulted in the same complexion I started with, and continued low self-esteem.

Constant experimentation and limited access to my mom’s debit card sparked my interest to natural homemade remedies. Skin Seeds products are formulas that I have used over a period of time or what I’ve researched to achieve the desired results that I want for my skin.

Harvest Times will be held once a month and announced on all Skin Seeds social media platforms, so follow and turn on your post notifications.

For the month of August harvest times are from 8/1 - 8/8. Purchases can ONLY be made during this time.

The first product that I’mintroducing to the world is the Night Harvest Skin Serum, an anti-aging serum that stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. The linoleic acid helps with moisture retention while the Neem Oil helps treat and prevent acne breakouts. To learn more about the product click here.

Night Harvest Skin Serum

Night Harvest Skin Serum

This serum has been a personal youthful hydration assistant for my skin. I use the serum 1-2x per week at night to complete my night time skin care routine. I share my night time skin care unite on my blog and I share options for different skin types. Click here if you would like read more.

My journey into the love a skincare is a blessing in disguise and I’m appreciative of the experiences that I had to go through to make the feeling of self love that much sweeter.

What has your relationship with skin care been like throughout your life? Please share in the comments below.

Mindfully sow, to reap the glow!