Feel My Frequency!

Vibe with me!

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is a playlist that I put together to sonically express how I feel when I feel like LOVE! Literally, not specifically targeted towards anyone. lol.

This playlist is not dedicated to one particular person, but dedicated to the lover that is in love with their self and they feel the beauty and love in everything and everyone else.

Please suggest new songs that I should add to my next edition of #FeelAmor by commenting, dm’ing, or tweet me!

If you’re an artist and are interested in knowing more information on how your music can be placed in future playlists and/or vlogs, please reach out to me via my website contact page.

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This playlist features artists that are independent or they’re on the come up. If you want your music featured on the next #AmorMagic playlist please reach out via my contact page on my website.

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