Photo taken by @ChristineaLaMode.

I’m a natural storyteller with a unique point of view in the digital space. Born in North Carolina to military parents who constantly relocated, i’m well-versed in the art of self re-branding and learning how to thrive in new environments.

Making the leap from the South to The Big APPLE in 2014 work towards my vision of becoming a full-time influencer, I began creating and sharing my unique, quirky, and insightful content on YouTube and Instagram. With a focus on beauty, lifestyle and empowerment, Mi Amors grew to over 112K and 50K respectively.

Nominated by The Heirs List as one of the Top 40 Influencers for 2018. As one of the leading micro-influencers in the space, I now work with other up-and-coming influencers as a mentor as well as consulting leading brands on their digital strategies.

To know more about how my domain works check out the Amor F.A.Q here.

I work with brands with genuine purpose. I consult for those who aspire to innovate, and I live by one of the few things promised to me…the current moment. #MiAmor