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Safe Natural Henna Alternative For Dark Skin Using Jagua Ink

I will review Jagua Ink a safe all natural henna alternative for darker skin complexions. I will tell how long the ink lasts, where to purchase, and show you how I applied the design without a stencil.

I have no experience with drawing so I would consider myself a beginner. The design I did I found on Pintrest and it was really easy to do for a hand design. I hope you find this video informative and helpful.

Jagua Tattoo is a temporary form of skin decoration resulting from the application of an extract of the fruit Genipa americana, also known as Jagua. This fruit has been used for body ornamentation and medicinal purposes in many areas of South America for centuries. It has only recently been introduced in North America and Europe as an addition to henna body art, also called Mehendi, Mehandi, or Mehndi in India. "Wikipedia"

Earth Henna Jagua Body Painting Kit: 

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