The Black Girl Tag

DISCLAIMER: Please do not get offended! I did this tag for fun and a lot of it I can relate to. If you do become offended just CLICK OFF of the video!!!

1. Black gel or Jam?
2.Does your name have "isha" in it?
3. Do you roll your neck and/or your eyes?
4.How often do you get an attitude?
5. Do you like Taylor Swift?
6. Have you ever dated a white guy?
7. Do you wear weave? and if so how often?
8. Are you light skin or dark skin?
9. Are you loud or quiet?
10. Did you prefer the beads or rope twisters?
11. Just for me or Shea moisture?
12. What is the most annoying question you get asked?
13. Are you ratchet?
14. Has your weave ever fallen out?
15. Do you pat your head or do you do the assisted scratch?
16. Who is your favorite black couple?
17. What black women do you look up to?
18. whats your favorite thing about being a black woman?

Jonyse Gardner

and anyone else who wants to join in!