TV TAG!!! Collab w/SamoreLoveTv

This tag was so much fun! We had a great time talking about our favorite television and reality shows. 
Thank you 87pages for tagging me! You guys can check out her channel here!

Check out Samore's channels here!
Main Channel:
TV Commentary Channel:

Questions Asked
1. Name your top 2 villains
2. On a Fantasy Tv Show | What character would you be?
3. What time would your show come on?
4. What day will your show air?
5. On a Crime/Mystery show | what character would you be?
6. What reality tv show, would you be?
7. What's your fave theme song?
8. What character would you kill off?
9. Fave New Show?
10. What show, would you be the star of??
I tag
Lateef ThyNative
Missy Lynn
And anyone else who wants to do it!