#PavilleisPresenting Chrisette Michele| Pose N Post Symposium Vlog NYC

This week I am taking you ladies with me to see the wonderful Chrissette Michele aka Super Chris to her Pose N Post Symposium in NYC. Watch as I interview her and listen to her knowledgable panel of guests talk about women's empowerment, branding, competition, social media and more!

I vlog at the event and taste some of the yummy beverages "Karmasutra" vodka, and "Voga Italia" Moscato!

I really enjoyed this event overall and i hope this blog serves as a review for those who wanted to know how everything went.

Chrissette Michele was very relatable and humble, she wanted to make are she was fostering an environment were everyone was comfortable to ask questions and be able to mix and mingle with the other ladies. There was plenty of time to network and I would definitely attend again!


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