In this video I am doing the my modified version of maximum hydration method.
The original method can be found here ( ) you bascially do this routine everyday. My results with this routine as far as curl definition was great, BUT for my schedule it was very time consuming and since I had to use the (hard to find products) everyday it became expensive also. 

I love the concept of this routine but I prefer to do this method once a week, no more than two times a week. I find that doing the Cherry Lola method which is a protein treatment first (every 6-8 weeks) and then doing this method bring optimal results. I hope that this method brings your curls the most hydrated 4c curls.

The reason behind the steps.
Baking soda- it is alkaline and it opens the hair cuticle allowing more moisture to penetrate the hair strand.
Apple Cider Vinegar- Is a acid and this helps to close the hair cuticle, therefore locking in the moisture you just conditioned into your hair. 

This is where "low porosity" hair girls run into issues. We condition our hair but we do not take the step to close the cuticle locking that moisture in there.

Shea moisture -
herbal essences hydration conditioner-
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay -
Apple cider vinegar - http://
kinky curly leave in conditioner - 

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