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Starting Your Own Network Is Easy...

Says everyone right? lol

I mean how many people do you run into on da day to day basis that says "Hey, are you familiar with MTV, BET, Oxygen? Well I am creating that framework to exist digitally only." 

Well that's my goal. I have always known that I wanted to start my own, but I also wanted to be a platform that gave other independent creators to have the opportunity to share their talents also. I have promoted other channels before in the past with "Pavilleis Presenting" but with the lack of an overall vision, I wasn't consistent. Now, I have the vision, and more resources and connections to bring it back consistently and in a new format! 

My goal for Amor Tv is for my network to promote & educate freelance creatives/entrepreneurs about different paths of the industry that doesn't have a set blueprint set out for it. Amor Tv will also house original content from other creators. At the moment there are two original segments that exist on my channel  "Amor Conversation & Black Panties." All content exists on YouTube at the moment, but I will move onto an app that will exclusively house all original content.


Amor Tv will be a month into its journey in a week, and I am so excited to grow and share so many other dope creators, businesses, and more. 

  • Weekly Informative Interviews
  • Original Webseries
  • Live Events
  • New Music
  • New Tech & Productivity Tips
  • Networking Events In Your Area (NYC)
  • Morning Motivation
I encourage you to subscribe to the channel, subscribe to this blog and follow Amor Tv on Twitter, & Facebook @Amortv_

Please share with a friend that you know will benefit from this platform, and I appreciate your support while on this journey. You are apart of the beginning, my DAY ONES!!! So any feedback and/or suggestions are welcomed! Thank you Mi Amors!

If you are interested in being apart of the Amor Tv Network please email