How To Become A Personality/Host.

So you have aspirations on becoming a household name? Or you want to be known in your local area as the person to reach out to host their next big event? Well, I too have those aspirations, and though I am not where I want to be, I have booked hosting gigs, spoke on panels, and been apart of a weekly pop culture web series with a reputable network, all compensated.


I jumped into the Hosting/On- Air Talent realm with little to no experience. The only experience I had to pull from when it came to public speaking was from my military instructor background, talking to my camera for YouTube videos, and watching others.


  1. Know Your Niche
  2. Attend Events In Your Niche
  3. Enroll In Classes
  4. Create Pitch
  5. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

Getting Gigs!

  1. Network!
  2. Audtion
  3. Create Your Own


  1. Refine skills
  2. Become versatile
  3. Create Reel
  4. Continue Networking
  5. Nurture Relationships

I shared everything that has been beneficial for me, but I also included a video for you where I have a conversation with a fellow host on how she made her break into the industry. Take a look to see how we navigate the realm of hosting and how to handle curveballs that might be thrown at you along the way!

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Knowing what style of hosting you want to do is vital to knowing who to pitch yourself too, or what to audition for. Do you want to be known predominately in nightlife? Moderating panels? Commentary? Knowing that will save you a lot of time and help you filter through opportunities that do not align with your goal. 

Once you figured that out, you begin looking for events in the chosen category you fall into and attend! You should be aware of how the event runs and the style of the host moderating the event, while there you should definitely network. The individuals in that room may hire you for first or next gig. Practice your pitch/introduction, don't be afraid to announce that you are a host. OWN IT! Present yourself as as such and have confidence.

Reaching out to your network that you have built to follow up on upcoming events. In the mean time create opportunities for yourself to practice and show others proof and that you are serious about your craft. 

Consistently doing these steps and being genuine to your brand will land you a gig. Have patience!