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Engaged To Percentages| How To Determine Your Engagement Rate & Why It's Important

Over the past couple of years of attending events in NYC, there has been a lot of talk about engagement, and no wedding invites!
The relationship that every influencer and business owner loves to talk about is not about the love between two people at all, rather it is about the percentage of people who love what you share on social media and care enough to let you know that.

So if your engagement is something that you haven't thought, researched, or have talked about - OBVIOUSLY, you do not care about your relationship and you want to be out here just exploring your options. 
But for those who have a goal to walk down the aisle and you want to know the best way to roll out the carpet this post is for you!



I am providing an outline for you and mostly myself, in efforts not to confuse either one of us. So let's begin.


  1. Engagement Defined
  2. Engagement Categories
  3. Why It's Important
  4. How To Calculate Your Engagement
  5. How To Use This Information


  1. Engagement Defined
  2. Engagement Categories
  3. Why It's Important
  4. How To Calculate Your Engagement
  5. How To Use This Information


"Engagement measures how much and how often others interact with you and your content on social media. When someone takes the time to like, favorite or comment on something you've posted, they're actively engaging with your content. Engagement metrics showcase audience action, which is important for social media health and growth." HootSuite, 2014

Basically, do your followers like you? Now you can see how that new Instagram algorithm really has been messing with our emotions and mental stability? Lol. It's not mercury retrograde sis, its that we are frustrated and have been showing that we are worthy to be in a relationship, but its one sided and our followers don't want to engage us! BLOOP!!

I think that it's important that I mention that the lens that I will be looking through for this post pertains mostly to Instagram! YouTube is has more that goes into it.


This past week I attended a cute event with bloggers, not too many! That's how I like it! I was able to catch up with an old friend and she is a Influencer and just so happens to work in PR, so the juice i'm about to give you is incredibly, credible. Well, she There are two types of engagements that brands are looking for when it comes to reaching out to Influencers. Click Through and Awareness. 

Click Through
When brands are trying to drive sales, they are looking for Influencers that have a great engagement rate. (I will share engagement rate to aim for in section 4) Brands are looking specifically for Micro Bloggers because they typically have a higher engagement rate than those you have 100k plus. That's why Micro Influencers are POPPING right now! To be considered a Micro Influencer, you typically have no more than 50k on the gram. (Instagram) 

When you are an Influencer that has 3k followers your engagement rate is typically higher. So let's say this 3k gram account posts a picture and receives 300 likes and 20 comments...that blogger has an engagement rate of 10.6% (that's REALLY GOOD) the individuals commenting are more likely to buy because the Influencer is relatable, reachable, and took their time curating their audience to fit well with that brand. 

I didn't mean to crush your ultimate goal of hitting 100k! I promise! Likely, you are asking, what if I am over 50k? That's another blog post, but if you would like for me to write about it, please share this post on twitter or the gram and @amortv_ with the #amorconversation hashtag.

Now when brands are more so trying to get the word out about a service, campaign, or event, they are looking for 100K plus. The brand wants as many eyes to see it as possible.  Impressions!! That's probably the most (if not only) valuable information that Instagram Analytics offer. BONUS INFO: 30-50% of your following is considered a healthy amount of impressions. ex: 3k follower IG should aim to have 900-1500 impressions. Want more information about Impressions? Share this post on IG, Twitter or both and @Amortv_ and use #amorconversation as the hashtag.

3. Why Engagement Is Important

If you are taking your relationship seriously, it's important to know where you stand and know what is "expected" within that relationship. Knowing your engagement rate helps give you guidance on how to optimize your content. For example, someone that blogs about light bulbs and provides high quality consistent content that adds value and resonates with the light bulb community will have high engagement, because people trust the relationship, they are learning or being inspired. Therefore, they take time out to comment and like what you share. Versus, the influencer who posts tons of selfies inconsistently with no value behind it. Like sis, why am I following you for?

Knowing these numbers and showing these numbers in your media kit when brands approach you or the other way around sets the tone of the relationship and impacts your rate $$$ if you know what I mean!



Likes + Comments / Followers *100= Engagement Rate

Views + Likes + Comment / Followers *100= Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate to aim for: 5-8%


Now that you have done your calculations, lol...I love that word. NOW that you have your calculations here's what to do with it.

  1. Make adjustments to the content you are delivering to optimize your E.R.
  2. Make adjustments to your rates
  3. Mention your E.R. in your media kit (This helps justify your rates)
  4. Pitch!
  5. Stand firm on your rate!!! (something I struggle with myself!

Hopefully you found this helpful! If so, leave a comment so I can know if this is the content you would like to see and you can help with my engagement! :)

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Starting Your Own Network Is Easy...

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I mean how many people do you run into on da day to day basis that says "Hey, are you familiar with MTV, BET, Oxygen? Well I am creating that framework to exist digitally only." 

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