This hair texture is my favorite by far! The construction of the cap is amazing and I will be purchasing another one with a shorter length. I will have information on what you need to know when ordering a full lace wig soon, because this is a big investment. Until then, watch how I applied the wig, my review, and more details on this unit.


Having 4C natural hair can be quite challenging. I wanted to come and share with you my routine that I go through on a weekly basis to maintain my healthy strands.


  1. Prepoo using Organix conditioners or Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Shampoo using Shea Moisture shampoo
  3. Deep condition using Shea Moisture deep conditioners
  4. Detangle
  5. Leave in also a Shea Moisture Conditioner 
  6. I try not to style my hair no more than twice a week into whatever desired look I am going for


You might have noticed the loyalty to a certain brand in this post. I am not saying that Shea Moisture products are the holy grail, I just found what works best for Penny (my hair). 

If you would like more in depth details click on the video below. Also, if you have any tips on things I should try out please let me know.