What To Do In Thailand!! Chiang Mai & Phuket Trip Review!

 James Bond Island

James Bond Island

Thailand was an amazing way to start 2018. My husband and I started the trip in Chiang Mai, and then traveled to Phuket, spending five days in each location.  I am sharing some suggested places I think you should visit. If you have any suggestions on where to go please share in the comments to help other out!


Elephant Sanctuary- The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was the most memorable experience while in Chiang Mai. No worries about inhumane treatment against the elephants here, the sanctuary works hard to facilitate the natural day to day routine for the elephants. You can chose an overnight stay, only a day, or half day experience.

The guides educate you on the history of the elephants, and allows you to feed, mud, and bathe with them.

They have nine locations located in Phuket & Thailand     http://bit.ly/2Eejw8h

Central Festival Mall- This mall is really new, built in 2014. This six floor mall has great shopping and great food. We went there three times, lol. They have a ice skating and a 4D movie theater.

4D Theater- Located inside of the Central Festival Mall, the 4D theater is somthing you should try out. They typically only feature one film to give you the 4D experience, even if you don't like the film chosen you will have fun with the chairs moving, wind, splashing of water, and temperature changes.

The Good View Restaurant- Loacted on the Ping River, this massive restaurant has great views and great atmosphere. Cheap prices and free wifi!! lol

The Night Market- This is a huge market with a lot of different vendors

Massages- WHERE can you get an amazing massage for $4.00 an hour in America? WHERE!? I will tell you just in case you even began to think about it!... NO WHERE! Thailand is known for their blissful massages. So I suggest that whenever you see a spa that you like, stop in and enjoy a